1. How Much is a Stone Kitchen Worktop?

The exact price of a kitchen worktop is dependent on a number of factors including the size of the worktop required, the worktop type – Granite, Marble, Quartz – and the labour required to install the worktop.
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2. What is the best kitchen Worktop material?

The best type of kitchen worktop for a home is often the worktop that complements the pre-existing interior décor.
For both contemporary and traditional homes, stone kitchen worktops are oftentimes the best choice.
Stone worktops are easy to clean, naturally moisture resistant and add a hint of timeless style and elegance to a kitchen’s interior.
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3. Are Granite Worktops Worth the Money?

Some homeowners may be tempted to install low cost- laminate or wood kitchen worktops instead of granite. 

Although the instant saving may make laminte or wood seem like the lower cost option, their lack of durability and the damage they inevitably sustain means a full replacement will be necessary in a couple of years.
Granite on the underhand, is extremely durable and can last a lifetime. Its natural stone aesthetic means every slab of granite is unique, while it’s sticking and elegant natural colour blends and compliments just about any interior décor.
While granite worktops may initially seem like the more expensive choice, if properly maintained Granite lasts a lifetime; ultimately saving the home owner money on expensive replacements.

4. What type of Kitchen worktop should I choose, Corian or Quartz?

In response to low-quality laminate kitchen worktops, Corian worktops were developed.
Corian is actually a brand name but its usage is often referring to a solid surface polymer. Polymer is a synthetic material.

Unfortunately, Corian kitchen worktops are a poor substitute to quartz.

Quartz is a more durable and resilient material. Quartz is also much more aesthetically pleasing whereas Corian can oftentimes look and feel artificial.

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